LINKS Learning

A Multi-million multimedia project with rich content (high-resolution video, flash animation, etc.). Each CD should be able to work over internet also. First CD was 100% flash based and after 1,5 months it still had a lot of bugs. During brain storm process with multimedia team we realized that for such complex structure (up to 6 levels of navigation) a menu can't be built using flash. Our recommendation was to separate navigation (HTML) and content (Flash).

However, I saw that even after these changes an integration process still took too long and tasks like changing color or font over the whole CD or changing of a menu were nightmare. I started to work on new concept of a site generation tool. Idea was to extract and isolate look and feel (fonts, colors, layout), content and navigation. In several days I started to test new tool and it looked very promising. In a week I helped web designer to build real template, describe navigation and trained multimedia developers how to supply content in new format (body part only, no navigation, styles, etc.). After this each build was taking only 1-2 minutes with guaranteed reference integrity and multimedia team could focus more on content. Eight following CDs were built for about two weeks each with higher content quality. A change of level one navigation item (required changes in all pages) were taking only 5-10 minutes instead of days of work.