Design and Programming

Object Oriented Design
John Deer Office. 2001. Visual C++, ODBC, Rational Rose.
Transactional Database in memory, XML data upload, ATL COM. UML class diagram.
Contract Management System. 2002. ASP.NET, MS SQL.
Library for rapid development of web form data screens. UML class diagram.
Star Wars Game*. January 1999. Win32, Visual C++, Rational Rose.
Threads and threads' synchronization. UML class diagram.
Airport Work Simulator*. Fall 1999. Solaris, Java, Rational Rose.
Events driven OO design. UML interaction diagram.
Public Library Model*. Fall 1999. HP-UX, C++, Rational Rose.
OO design. Realization using maps, vectors, etc. UML diagram.
Cruise Controller Model*. Fall 1999. HP-UX, C++, Rational Rose.
OO design with interfaces. UML diagram.

Database Design
EHDDI 2003. C#.NET, PowerDesigner.
Processing logic moved to database, user interface.
eGrants 2001. ASP, PowerDesigner.
Generic solution for Questionnaire type applications.
CropVerifEye 2001. ASP, COM.
Recursive database model.

Application and System Programming
LINKS Learning. 2002 Web site generator (separate 'look and feel', content and navigation).
Extended Find*. May 1999 Linux, C. Child processes, threads and threads' synchronization.
Unix Shell*. Fall 1999. Solaris, C. Child processes, ctrl-c, signals, switch to background mode, pipes, redirection.
Numsound. 1993. MS-DOS, assembler. Resident program, transferring into PSP, checking of previous copy, protection from modification, static and dynamic disassembling.

*) Fun or research project.